The Crew

Nathan Venturini

Nathan Venturini is a co-founder of Clean Livin' and a Graphic Designer. He was vegetarian for 7 years before committing to a full vegan diet for 3 years and counting. Captivated by knowledge and truth, he began studying plant-based nutrition and discovered the logical simplicity of what he believes is the answer to many common health problems within the average North American diet.11 Articles

Sarah Louise

The Cozy Vegan is Sarah's project to encourage compassion and activism through the food we eat. She is out to prove a cruelty-free lifestyle does not mean sacrificing taste or quality in our food! When she isn't blogging, she is busy listening to pop punk and slinging vegan cupcakes via Blue Rose Baking Co. Through vegan food, her intention is to reach out and portray the vegan lifestyle in a positive, delicious light!4 Articles

Lauren Ribeiro

Lauren Ribeiro is a 22 year old gluten-free vegan and a self-proclaimed hippie. She is an aspiring teacher and hopes to change the next generation by combining education and nutrition in a way that interests children and teenagers. She has been vegan for a year and a half, committing herself to the lifestyle overnight. Lauren hopes to inspire those around her and spread awareness about veganism and all the amazing benefits that come with it!1 Articles

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