Author Nathan Venturini

Nathan Venturini

Nathan Venturini is a co-founder of Clean Livin' and a Graphic Designer. He was vegetarian for 7 years before committing to a full vegan diet for 3 years and counting. Captivated by knowledge and truth, he began studying plant-based nutrition and discovered the logical simplicity of what he believes is the answer to many common health problems within the average North American diet.

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A vegetarian butcher!? Unheard of! They deliver extraordinarily great tasting plant-based proteins with extraordinarily great service. Vegans, vegetarians,…

Bake Shops

Located in the beaches (2188 Queen St E.) Tori’s Bakeshop is an incredible eco-friendly, all-natural organic…

Food shamshake

This smoothie recipes requires no lame green food colouring because we’re using those real greens:…

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