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Clean Livin' aims to build a global community of like-minded individuals seeking knowledge about a healthy, active, plant-based lifestyle.

What makes us different from the average vegan blog is our central hub of information where you will be able to find everything in one place regarding a plant-based diet. We aren't here to bore you with bland research articles and we don't have any agenda to convert you into anything. We simply want to showcase the research, nutrition and and an overall understanding of what the body needs and doesn't need to thrive in a friendly and engaging way.

Over the years leading up to living a plant-based lifestyle we have rolled through trial and error and combined research and knowledge that we want everyone to know regardless of what their current diet is. We are here to crush the repetitive protein lacking myths, nutrient deficient theories, and the boring rabbit food notions everyone assumes we live by.

Clean Livin' hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. However, we want to build a worldwide community to spread awareness and to promote local vegan business' we have personally tried. We hope to connect you with the valuable resources you need for an effective and informed journey to a Clean Livin’ life.

If you have any questions or would like to see more of something, don't hesitate to shoot us an email and we will make sure to incorporate more of it to educate and inspire others.


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