The Power of Peaches


Peaches are loaded with vitamins, fibre and are low in calories with no fat. (One peach is only 35-50 calories) A few benefits to consider include a good source of vitamin A & C to rejuvenate skin, rich in potassium & iron and they also help prevent cancer. That’s right, peaches contain selenium, beta-cartene, lycopene and lutein that can prevent cancer, heart problems and the loss of sharp vision.

On top of all that here is a list of additional benefits to peaches:

  • Reduces anxiety – In Hungary they are referred to as the ‘Fruit of Calmness’
  • Good source of fibre that helps regulate bowel movements
  • Contains antioxidizing chlorogenic acid 
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Cleanses your kidneys and bladder to help urinary disorders
  • Helps metabolic syndrome
  • Helps maintain nervous system
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Prevents anemia
  • Reduces hair-loss

Also, if you haven’t tried peaches in your green smoothies I suggest you give it a shot!

Check out our green peach smoothie here


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Nathan Venturini

Nathan Venturini is a co-founder of Clean Livin' and a Graphic Designer. He was vegetarian for 7 years before committing to a full vegan diet for 3 years and counting. Captivated by knowledge and truth, he began studying plant-based nutrition and discovered the logical simplicity of what he believes is the answer to many common health problems within the average North American diet.

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