DOCUMENTARY: Making the Connection: How a Vegan Diet Can Benefit Us and The World


In this short 30 min video you will find yourself fully engaged and educated on what really occurs in the world today. There is nothing but positive compassionate changes that will occur when adopting a plant-based vegan lifestyle. This film shows you that there is no compromise on eating delicious foods, and there is nothing but health benefits like lowering the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

That vegan athletes are striving and winning competitions, proving that a plant based diet is more than sufficient. 

That we can save this planet from destruction and most of all, end the suffering of innocent loving animals.
We all feel, we all love, we all deserve to live. Stop speciesism and stop the animal holocaust.

Open your eyes, heart and mind. Make the Connection.

We can fix and change things for the better:

  • Compassion
  • Health
  • Water pollution
  • Environment
  • Developing countries
  • Food security
  • Rising population
  • Sustainability
  • Deforestation

About Author

Jeremy Matthew Wulkan, is a co-founder of Clean Livin', Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner and a aspiring health coach. 9 years ago he chose to become vegetarian for ethical reasons which then he soon adopted a vegan lifestyle. Years later after becoming very ill due unknown reasons and the lack of knowledge regarding plant-based nutrition, he spent countless hours doing research and found an extreme passion towards the aspect of health in veganism.

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