Lola’s Kitchen


Lola’s Kitchen is located at 634 Church St. in Toronto, Ontario. (It’s just south of Bloor and Church) They offer brunch, lunch and dinner menus and there is plenty of gluten-free and vegetarian and vegan options.

IMG_0541A friend and I ended up at Lola’s just in time for lunch. We ordered the Veggie Burger and the Warm Chickpea Wrap.

IMG_0542 IMG_0543Their veggie burger is fully vegan! Made of organic chickpea, quinoa + almond burger, cucumber, pickled onions, arugula + tahini sauce served on a whole wheat bun and decided to try it with sweet potato chips! (they were pure money)

IMG_0546This vegan mocha cheesecake though; it was spectacular.

Speaking of money, the prices are quite fair and the atmosphere is legit, they also have a patio!


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Nathan Venturini is a co-founder of Clean Livin' and a Graphic Designer. He was vegetarian for 7 years before committing to a full vegan diet for 3 years and counting. Captivated by knowledge and truth, he began studying plant-based nutrition and discovered the logical simplicity of what he believes is the answer to many common health problems within the average North American diet.

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