VEGAN STRENGTH: Patrik Baboumian shatters old 1,212 pound world record!


Patrik carries 1,223 pounds over 10 meters resulting in the heaviest yoke-walk ever done in Berlin. This proves the myth of having to consume animal muscle to gain muscle is completely false! Meat is just second hand protein that results in the many health problems of today. Some examples: heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol and cancer. Get it straight from the source! Eat your greens! 

Patrik Baboumian is living proof that a vegan diet provides everything you need to become strong and healthy.



About Author

Jeremy Matthew Wulkan, is a co-founder of Clean Livin', Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner and a aspiring health coach. 9 years ago he chose to become vegetarian for ethical reasons which then he soon adopted a vegan lifestyle. Years later after becoming very ill due unknown reasons and the lack of knowledge regarding plant-based nutrition, he spent countless hours doing research and found an extreme passion towards the aspect of health in veganism.

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