Dr. Leanard Coldwell and curing cancer naturally using a raw vegan diet


Dr. Leonard Coldwell states that every cancer can be cured within 16 weeks. He talks about his views behind harmful effects of table salt and the truth behind cholesterol.

“When you want to help somebody educate themselves to eliminate his or her cancer really really fast” “I would basically start instantly with a vegan or with a raw food diet”



About Author

Jeremy Matthew Wulkan, is a co-founder of Clean Livin', Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner and a aspiring health coach. 9 years ago he chose to become vegetarian for ethical reasons which then he soon adopted a vegan lifestyle. Years later after becoming very ill due unknown reasons and the lack of knowledge regarding plant-based nutrition, he spent countless hours doing research and found an extreme passion towards the aspect of health in veganism.

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