Soaking nuts and seeds! WHY?!


Alright folks! LET’S GET NUTS!! So you are probably wondering why on earth you would you would soak your nuts, seeds, grains and legumes.
I am going to break it down for you real simple and the best part is IT’S EASY!

Soaking raw unprocessed nuts, seeds, grains and legumes in filtered/spring water releases and removes the enzyme inhibitors that leach calcium and magnesium from the body (they are semi toxic to the body!) An enzyme inhibitor is basically natures defence mechanism. It acts as a bodyguard till its time to be put into the ground to germinate, sprout and GROW! When you put it into the ground what do you do? you water it! So not only does it get rid of the toxins by soaking which Remove or reduce Phytic acid, Tannins and neutralize inhibitors that cause strain on the digestive mechinsim or intestinal tract, it also germinates. What Germinating means is that it becomes enzyme activated.

It transforms into a Living food! It becomes more nutritious! maximizes the amounts of

  • Vitamins specifically (b vitamins)
  • Breaks down proteins and allows the body have an easier time with digestion
  • Absorb the amazing nutrients, among many other great benefits!

So in conclusion, start soaking your your nuts, seeds, grains and legumes to remove toxins, maximize your health and keep on your journey to a life of CLEAN HEALTHY LIVIN!

If you are interested in learning this topic in more detail, there are plenty of resources and I highly recommend and encourage you to educate yourself!

soak chart




About Author

Jeremy Matthew Wulkan, is a co-founder of Clean Livin', Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner and a aspiring health coach. 9 years ago he chose to become vegetarian for ethical reasons which then he soon adopted a vegan lifestyle. Years later after becoming very ill due unknown reasons and the lack of knowledge regarding plant-based nutrition, he spent countless hours doing research and found an extreme passion towards the aspect of health in veganism.


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